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The Emerald Cave Spa operates since 2019 within Ntinas Filoxenia

The island of Thassos is mentioned to books and travel guides as the “Emerald Island of the Aegean Sea”. It refers to the idyllic, green landscapes that surround the paths and roads of the island, as well as to the dreamy beaches with the blue-green, emerald waters.
The name Emerald Cave has a strong symbolic character. The word “emerald” has a dual meaning. It is inspired by the name of Thassos, reflecting the rare natural beauty that the island generously offers, and, on the other hand, it is symbolic, as the emerald as a gemstone has unique qualities. It brings luck, balancing the fourth chakra of the heart, thus opening the way to love, hope, bliss, and it offers a sense of balance and regeneration. It contributes entirely to the growth of “wellness”, and it ideally frames the sense of complete care that we want to provide to our visitors, harmonizing their senses! The word “cave” symbolizes the sense of warmth of the spa, the sense that our space promises to offer through a series of therapies that are designed to meet all needs.